GURUJI Pandit Acharya Sri. Damodhar Rao

Pandit Sri. Damodhar Rao is a personality that makes an impact on everyone, no matter how worse the situation is. He has been able to gain this strength through his excellence and years of practice in this field that has allowed him to know every aspect that is there. Hene, he stands out among others as the most genuine astrologer in Bangalore, India. He has in-depth knowledge of Face Reading, Palm reading, Horoscope Reading, Marriage Matches, Kundali, Vashikaran, Black Magic Removal, and other aspects of this field. His expertise is not limited to the above terms. He is an expert in determining problems and supporting his clients in times of their needs by showing them the right path and guiding them.

Panditji pays every client the same attention personally and does not hand over clients to his disciples like other astrologers do, increasing the mental strength and assurance through the tough times. He assists everyone with practical knowledge derived from ancient Vedic Keralian/Bengali approach.

Why Sri. Damodhar Rao?

With Guruji !

A trouble shared is a trouble halved: Education, Job, Finance, Legal Dispute, Marriage, Health, Infertility. Life is Full Of Happiness And Tears; One Needs To Keep Faith; At Ganapathi Astro Center We Work Together To Convert Your Tears Into Happiness And Honour Your Beliefs.